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Astrology Chart readings are $90*.  This is a 1 hour standard birth chart reading/interpretation.  Forms of payment are cash/check/credit card/paypal/bitcoin.  Checks should be written to my legal name, which is P.Edward Tasciotti (Ahgamen is a spiritual nickname est.1984)

Phone or Text 1- 845-800-2089  or Email to ahgamenkeyboa@gmail.com

Advanced types of readings are available, beyond the birth chart. Transits, Progressions, Birthday/Solar Return, Compatibility, AstroCartography, etc.

COSMONOMY readings (which include Astrology) are more involved, please inquire for more info.   Readings are $120 per first hour.

DEATH chart readings are offered also.  Info on separate page.

*A sliding scale can be used if necessary

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