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2020 through 2025 The Crucial years that will determine human destiny an astrological analysis Louis Acker

Originally posted on December 13, 2019 by Louis S. Acker

2020 through 2025

The Crucial years that will determine human destiny

an astrological analysis

Saturn in Capricorn turns direct on September 18, 2019  at 13 degrees and 54 minutes of Capricorn. Corporate  Business and Government agendas  will move forward on whatever they have planned after a period of relative analysis of data and introspective preparation and setting future agendas.

In the first 2 weeks of September The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all transiting in Virgo. This places a strong emphasis, on detailed analysis, and precision and skill in work. Medical concerns, epidemics, and the resurgence of mutated forms of old diseases, that were thought to have been brought under control will be a major concern. Breakdown of neglected infrastructures. Abuse of the environment as a result of industrial pollution, and financial expediency at the expense of public health and safety will be of increasing public concern, as the consequences of past abuse of environmental safety set in and erode the quality of life. Increasing availability of factual scientific data regarding these issues will make the public mare aware  that established official institutions have been lying to the public all along.

  For instance there have  been thousands of scientific studies that conclusively prove that that Wi-Fi radiation from cell phone networks and cell phones have serious health affects including, increased risk of cancer and brain damage. In spite of this huge corporations, such As Microsoft, Apple,   computer chip manufacturers such as Intel, Samsung, TSMC, Qualcomm,  and their major internet dissemination platforms, such as Google, You tube, Face book, and others,  have done whatever they can to suppress public awareness of this proven scientific information through their financial control  of major news organizations, internet outlets, are actively censoring, harassing, deliberately falsifying, and taking down legitimate internet Sites having proven factual information the establishment or deep state does not want the public to know about...

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