Thursday, June 2, 2022

This Mercury Retrograde | Ending right now | Stationary Direct

  Mercury Retrograde 

 current transit 2022 May-June

 by Ahgamen Keyboa_

The current transit, right now! It is ending, technically in the next 12 hours.  Depending on your timezone, what time it will be. But it is not the "END" of it. Let me explain.....

Mercury goes Stationary - as if turning everything into bronze


    Mercury Retrograde consists of several components.  All retrogrades are standard and regular in their structure (not in their rates and distances, declination, etc.  but they are structurally, as for chronological time!)  Every planet retrogrades! Only the Moon and Sun do not retrograde (usuallyyyyyy they don't) 

    The components of the Retrograde are: 

  • the THREE phases (usually there are three phases - but there can be FIVE in very unusual circumstances, very rare) 
  • the TWO Stationary points.
  • the background Zodiac
  • the aspect (angular relationship) Configuration to the Sun Moon/Earth

    The first 3 items are what astrologers typically focus on.  When this structure is reviewed, then we can also determine when it is, what are the calendar dates for the duration of the Retrograde? 

    Here is my disagreement with the first item I listed above.  There are three phases; this is fact.  But the question is what we should call it.  Some astrologers have started to label this as pre-shadow and post-shadow phases.  I beg to differ, i.e. I do not agree.

    I don't use those labels because "shadow" is not a proper term.  it takes away from the visual phenomena which occur with planets.  In studying the Retrogrades in an abstract graphic, there is NO VISUAL.  So if shadow is being the buzzword, then it sounds like an eclipse or something.  Not good, it's confusing.

    I call the first phase, the Retrograde Pre-tri-phase. I call the middle phase, the Retrograde backwards tri-phase.  I call the third phase, the Retrograde Post-tri-phase.  So, Ahgamen calls the Retrograde by different terms. 

    Very soon, Mercury is entering the final Retrograde Post-tri-phase.  Yes it is. 

    Simultaneously, Saturn will be entering its first Retrograde Pre-tri-phase.  This is coincidental.  But take note, it is significant that Mercury and Saturn are in SQUARE aspect when this occurs! it's like a do-si-do dance. 

    The transition from one tri-phase to another is the Stationary point.  This point is what is happening right now.  This is when the planet is moving the slowest that it possibly can.  That is apparent motion; which makes us perceive "apparent speed/rate". 

    The angular location of the Mercury position, as it goes through its Retrograde is its Zodiac location.  Using the astrologer's tropical Zodiac, we come up with Taurus 26 degrees.  Essentially, through the course of the Retrograde movement, Mercury went into Gemini and then it went backwards from Gemini and entered Taurus again.  That's what we would specifically call it by zodiac signs.  

    However what is also important is the measurement of the degrees it traverses - with each different Retrograde of mercury, it covers a slightly different amount of degrees (as well as a differing amount of days).

    You are probably wondering, after all of this advanced technical work, what does it mean in layman's terms?  That's a whole other story. Pay me for my time to do that work!  The answer is going to be different for each individual, each chart. 

    If you want the general interpretation, it is generally useless.. jk.  In general, this was a very powerful and influential mercury retrograde.  We experience them usually three times a year.  This one was way more stronger than the average one.  Some of the factors are that Square with Saturn.  This generates a lot of tension between the planets.  Mercury rules over the human mind, thoughts and communication. Saturn is "reality", limitations, and stuff like government and traditions.  mercury and Saturn do not necessarily get along and when they are in Square, it is a battle. 

    Does this sound like something you are going through for the past month or so? 

    There are also two other very major astrological events at this same time.  however, it is not known by Astrologers what it would mean.  One would have to have the advanced Methods of....( science)  What the basic astrologer will know at this time, there is a conjunction of three planets.  I do not want to distract from the Mercury topic here, so I will be posting another post on these three planets.  It has longer lasting effects than Mercury Retrograde.  So it is something to discuss and explore.  A very rare occurrence.

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