Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Monday, December 14, 2020

Total Eclipse recently happened

The event was a Total Solar Eclipse.  Not that important in this post-modern world! Correct??  Or not??

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Great video and Discussion about "wise men" Astrologers of the Bible




 @Ezekiel 33:3  Great info from your research. I am also going to post this to http://ahgamen.net and https://astrologyahgamen.milkyymedia.com/ The Magi visiting the Messiah, it is said, were guided by "the star". This has been a burgeoning question with no conclusive answer, there are many theories and beliefs. The Star which appeared over the region of Bethlehem, was it a star, as we understand stars today, or was it a planet, a conjunction of planets, or was it a comet? You mentioned Jupiter and Saturn which came up from your research. In my opinion, I tend to not put much emphasis on that pairing, since those two planets meet up every 20 years approx. Since the arrival of the Messiah was a rare event, I would think that whatever was the star, would only occur once every millennium or less frequently.

VIDEO is below.... 

Friday, September 25, 2020

Ahgamen on Astrology, reposted from http://ahgamen.net

http://ahgamen.net main site for AhgameN keyboA articles, reposted from there

These are some of the ahgameN keyboA writings which have been recovered from previous websites.  (no thanks to greedy and harmful Bluehost.com lawsuit pending)

The subject matter is Astro-sciences, mostly from the angle of Astrology, ahgameN's research into that, and "a new approach" which was offered by ahgameN as early as 2009.


Dec 12, 2009

Less importance needs to be placed upon the Zodiac signs. More attention needs to be paid to the planets and their house placements. Also the planetary aspects are extremely important.

Bearing this in mind, we should realize that talking about the “cusp” or “ingress” into a sign actually is useless information. I feel that more research has to be done in the area of zodiac influence. I do believe that we should apply the basic principles of the “quarters of the year”, the solstices and equinoxes. This fundamental division of the sky and of the annual cycle is valid.

We should have little regard for the interpretation of asteroids, since we do not even have mastery of the larger planets. If at all, the importance of the asteroid probably comes into affect when it is in opposition to the Sun.

We need to carefully examine the materialistic knowledge which has been compiled by the astronomers, especially in the past 50 years. I would point in particular toward any data about the distances of the planets, the energetic spectrum which they are radiating towards the Earth, as well as any information about gravitational effects.

These are my general postulations, which I will be glad to expand upon through this blog and the central site – Ahgamen.com Welcome to the School! You are invited to participate.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

It's important to know the current positions of celestial bodies

The celestial bodies are making continuous movements, which generates time itself. It's important to know the current positions of these bodies, planets and the Sun and Moon.  You can find these by using various websites, which update this data in real-time.  I use http://www.astro.com or others...

e.g., astro-charts.com

Ahgamen keyboA_: Who is? Jeopardy-show type Riddle

Ahgamen keyboA_: Who is? Jeopardy-show type Riddle :   Question for all of you, students of Civilogia.  Who are we talking about here?  Who ...